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Tuesday, January 25th, 2022 1:52 AM

loading a list of contacts to email using a csv file

Anybody knows how to upload a list of email contacts from a csv file? Seems that it is not available any longer. Downloading the email list of contacts to a csv file is available, but I do not see how to upload back the same list I downloaded and cleaned up.

On the same subject, is it possible to have more than one list of contacts? If so how?

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2 years ago

Doesn't look like you can import contacts from a file.  It does seem stupid but then again, this is Yahoo.

If you've got a lot of contacts what I'd do is open a free or Gmail account, which will let you import the cleaned up CSV file.  Then clear out your Yahoo contacts and use their Import from Outlook or Gmail feature.

Yahoo allows you to create "Lists" from contacts, might that work for what you need to do?

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