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Saturday, June 8th, 2019 7:29 AM

Is this real Or a scam please answer

I was randomly taken to a website that said this

Dear AT&T Customer, Congratulations!

National Telecom is holding a market research for next 7 days (June.8 -> June.15) and we will select 10 lucky users everyday for a chance to receive an exclusive prize from our sponsors, including Apple iPhone Xs, Samsung Galaxy S9, $1000 Walmart Gift Card.



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4 years ago

Could be real from the little you show which doesn't include anything to click.  But as a rule of thumb I always trash such emails particularly when they start with "congratulations".


Have you ever done any business with National Telecom to get on their email lists or dealt with suppliers or subscribe to any magazines that (to quote National Telcom's web site) are involved in Security, Electrical, Telephone, and Local Area Network Solutions?  Don't be tempted by such emails.  At the very least if you reply you confim yours is a valid active email address to sell to spammers. Of course that may have happened already which is why you are getting that email.

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