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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 7:24 PM

The phone network is off

Hello I want help. I bought an iPhone from Saudi Arabia, used and locked from the telecom company. Can I pay the contract and unlock the network? How do I know how much is left on it? I don't know how to use the official websiteI don't have any imei

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4 months ago

If you purchased a phone from a third party and there is still a balance due, then only the original owner can pay it off, if that is what you mean by a contract. AT&T won't tell you how much is due or who the original owner is/was. There are no phone contracts with AT&T unless a phone is purchased on an installment plan. If the installment is not paid off, then AT&T will eventually blacklist the phone and it won't be able to be used on any network.

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