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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 3:49 AM

Not Getting What I Pay For

I pay 55 dollars a month for 18mbps and I ran an internet test and it says I only get 1mpbs I thought it was a glitch so I started to download something and it actually ended up being true. if it wasn't for lock down I would of switched to a different provider by now. I know fiber isn't available in my area but i would think there is a way to speed up my download speed.

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3 years ago

Hi @leroy1455, we're happy to help get your internet up to speed.


There are many things that can cause slowdowns between your device and the internet. Here are some suggestions to help speed things up:

  • Check how many other devices are connected and using your internet. Disconnect everything else and see if the speed improves.
  • Try restarting your AT&T Gateway(router). Just unplug it from the power for 30 seconds. It will take around 5-8 min to get back on its feet
  • Check the gateway itself. Ensure all cables are connected securely and try plugging it directly into a wall outlet bypassing any strips or surge protectors. Move any speakers or electronics at least 4 ft away from the gateway.

Also, check out our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool. It can help identify issues in your area and test your lines for problems.


If you're still having trouble, some additional information can help us troubleshoot further. 

  • Are you getting slow speeds on more than one device?
  • Are you using Wifi or is your device connected directly to the Gateway?
  • What kind of device are you using (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Etc)

Jeff, AT&T Community Specialist

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