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Monday, February 8th, 2021 2:06 AM


Bringing fiber internet to more neighborhoods

Hi AT&T,

I live in Nice, CA, a part of Lake County (zip code 95464). Myself and many of my neighbors are stuck with Mediacom internet, which seems famously unreliable, because it is the only service offering high-speed connectivity. I truly prefer AT&T as the company to work with and would really love to switch, but can't sacrifice any upload/download speed. When will you bring the new infrastructure to my neighborhood? There are plenty of out-of-work blue-collar professionals around here to make it happen. Please bring reliable, high-speed, fiber internet to us.

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3 years ago

Media com is your lec so att won’t be bringing you service as they aren’t aloud to 

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3 years ago

You can check this page for more details, including a request form if you are a property owner or represent the neighborhood (HoA President).

When is AT&T Fiber Going to be Available - Things to know from AT&T | AT&T Community Forums

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3 years ago

Thank you for the post, while many desire direct fiber FTTP with speeds up to 1000, the last 4 year deployment reached over 14+ million addresses over 4 years (2016 to late 2019) at rate of 3.5 million per year within ATT 21 state footprint. 

However your zip code and area do not seem to have any of it... while over 98% of addresses within the zip code can order ATT internet FTTN with speeds up to 100/20 if within 1000 feet of the fiber VRAD as bonded pair on K or N card... none seem to currently have FTTP service option.

The company did recently announce adding 2 million fiber addresses this year, where is unknown till the areas go live for ordering. Thus the best option ATT would have for your zip code is the current offerings at the addresses.

Internet Access in Nice California

The average download speed in Nice is 96.51 Mbps. This is 127.1% faster than the average in California and 8.4% faster than the national average.

  • There are 13 internet providers in Nice with 8 of those offering residential service.
  • Nice is the 503rd most connected city in California ahead of ClearlakeKelseyvilleUpper Lake, and Lucerne, but behind Lakeport.
  • 95.9% of Californians have access to 100mbps or faster broadband.
  • No one in Lake County has access to a fiber optic broadband connection.
  • Almost 97% of consumers in California have access to a wired connection with true broadband speeds faster than 25mbps.
  • California is the 11th most connected state in the U.S.
  • Approximately 98% of Nice residents are serviced by multiple wired providers.
  • In Lake County, approximately 7,000 people do not have access to 25mbps wired broadband.

May not be what you desired but best infor currently available to general public. Note that the 4 year fiber expansion was the result of the government condition in approving ATT purchase of DirecTv in summer 2015. That condition was meet in late 2019. The 2020 goal was to reach 50% or 7 million fiber accounts within 3 years (end of 2022) from the current 14 million. New fiber would be for new subdivision being built. The recent 2 million new fiber addresses is hopefully the start of several years of fiber build out... at 2 million per year it will take this entire decade to reach 45% of all addresses... meaning some will not be upgraded. 

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