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Friday, December 16th, 2022 12:22 AM

what type of work does technician need to do to upgrade from old ATT internet to U-verse?

I have been using old ATT internet using phone line and Motorola modem (I got from ATT) but it is too slow for work. Clocked at 450 kbps on one of this check-your-speed sites. 

I would like to upgrade to U-verse where I plug phone line into modem which I then plug into laptop. I think they call this wired line? no WiFi. no fiber.

Does technician need to come into house to upgrade old ATT internet to U-verse internet (not Fiber) or do they just need to upgrade the box outside on house?

Also would like to know what actual changes need to happen to box outside that will upgrade me to U-verse?

thank you for your assistance.

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3 months ago

First, when checking your address online what is the best speed available.

If best speed is 18 or less, would be ADSL2+ single pair circuit… tech may want to check your wiring inside wiring but likely not make any changes.

If best speed is 25 or greater will need access to make changes and possible install new wiring, jack.

What is your current best speed? With what data cap? Which piece of equipment?

If have a 510 or 5031 gateway with 1T data cap, you already have Uverse, question is a faster speed available?

If have 150G data cap your legacy DSL, your upgrade may be to Uverse at possible same speed or Fixed Wireless cellular tower.

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3 months ago


thank you for reply. when you say 'best speed of 18' of what? internet? is that 18mbps or something else? 

how do I check for that?


by 'equipment' do you mean the modem?  that's all I have right now. is an Motorola DSL Modem MSTATEA 2210 02 1022 ATT

I am not aware of data cap. ATT cust serv will not answer my question when I ask for name or details on internet plan I am using.

They just say it is no longer offered. Think about ancient history and that is what i am using - had it for almost 10 years?

Is there a number to speak directly with an ATT technician who can look at my account and its details, and perhaps provide

answers about 'gateway' and 'single pair circuit' and if existing wire will suffice?

Cust Serv are only sales people. They know nothing except what's best to say to SELL IT>

thank you for your assistance.


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3 months ago


You’re way overthinking this.  Can you not go to and use their website to see what Att is able to offer to your service address?  You’ve stated a need for better service.  If they can offer it, then start the process.  There may be some accommodations the technician can make but almost certainly given what you’ve described will require a wire to be run into the home.   

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