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Friday, October 23rd, 2020 5:31 PM

The wire left over ground during installation is prone for accident

Hello there!

you guys installed the service at [EDITED] Jacksonville, Fl 32206. the way pulled in the cord or wire over the ground is prone for accidents. is is all over the ground and hard to walk and when there is no light this come between your steps and people fall and have accidents. please to a clean work and have the wire or cord pull from underground or use some PVC pipe to put in over the ground, the wire that is left out and pulled over the ground is not at all acceptable. Please follow proper methods, it is not about just getting internet but also you have to set up properly 

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3 years ago

1) This is a user forum and not an official channel to contact AT&T.  There is a small team of AT&T Employees who officially represent AT&T here, but you may or may not get their attention due to the mountain of posts made here.  If you want to officially notify AT&T of something, this is not the way to do it.

2) The AT&T installer often lays a temporary cable on the ground and is supposed to arrange with a contractor to bury it (or bury a replacement as necessary).  The contractor may come days or weeks (occasionally months in the Winter in places where the ground freezes) after the original installation.  You should follow up directly (i.e. via a phone call) if yours hasn't been buried after a couple of weeks.

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