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Tuesday, August 16th, 2022 12:59 PM

No call for install appointment 3 weeks following new service order

Has anyone else had this situation where they don't even call to set up an appointment for nearly 3 weeks?  It's getting pretty infuriating when my job is on the line because my current provider prevents me from doing my job from home in a timely manner.  I've called and called and have gotten NOWHERE.  Hopefully I don't get fired before they call to set it up.  :(

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1 year ago

What service are you trying to have installed?

ATT offers internet that requires installation on (4) different platforms.

Three are Uverse platforms (hardwired) that have been renamed, these are installed by ATT techs providing the facilities and equipment are available. When everything is in place most installs are 1 to 2 weeks from order date. If something is missing (generally on fiber orders of internet 300 or above) could be weeks or even months before installation can occur. 

If your trying to have Fixed Wireless (dedicated cell tower hotspot with antenna based system (not hardwired to outside lines) this is installed by DirecTv techs, there needs to be qualified trained DTV techs available in your area before installation can occur. Considerly current labor shortages all industries are facing, this would be an unknown factor. 

In all case, you should consider having (2) ISPs if working from home, as nothing is 100% up time and repairs if there is a problem can take a week or more to have an appointment on resolving service issues with most being 3 to 5 days.

Your second provider could be local cable, cellular hotspot or satellite internet… but if income and job security is depending on internet access you should have two different providers.

Just my thoughts…

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10 months ago

Already have other home internet providers, but thanks for the assumption. Don’t worry, I have a brain and know nothing is 100% reliable. This company has been proof of that. It’s now nearing the end of November and (surprise, surprise) still no appointment.

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