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Friday, April 7th, 2023 5:40 PM

Need help getting service

My wife and I are building a home on land that was deeded to her from her dad. It’s off a county road and along side the road is buried AT&T lines. We opened a ticket for a field tech to look into it and we were told since there are no lines run on the property we can’t get service. Seems strange to me me that if someone decides to build a house on some acres of land in the county/country and there is line’s underground running along the road in front of the house, that they can’t get internet run to the house. Would like to have someone meet me at my property and look instead of talking over the phone and relaying messages. We are in central Alabama. I’m going to add a pic of what’s in our front yard on the property line of our property and our neighbors.

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5 months ago

A line running by your home doesn't mean that service is automatically available in your area. A good deal of infrastructure nearby is needed, such as VRAD, cross box, terminal, etc. In some cases, a dedicated fiber line to your home *may* be possible, but you would bear all the costs associated with this installation, and they're significant.

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5 months ago

That pic is not a line but a splice point of a drop wire... one end would be the terminal, the other a NID likely at your neighbors. 

Have you talked to your neighbors about what service they have and for how long?

If they have LEGACY DSL has best speed, if close enough, of internet 6 and 150G data cap.  ATT has turned off new customers for LEGACY DSL years ago as they prepare to shut down that service. About 15 million addresses or 20% of entire footprint cannot receive Uverse platform internet services and is expected these locations will have ATT cellular hotspot service, this was announced on November 2012 of ATT future plans where not economical feasible to upgrade the area to Uverse platform.

IF they do have Uverse platform would have a 1T data cap. Then the question are there additional ports at central office or VRAD, and cable pairs at the serving terminal. The longer the copper distance the lower the speed that can be offered.  

ADSL2+ speeds are 18, 10, 5, 3, 1.5 and .76. Would you be willing to accept one of the above knowing adding 1000 feet to get to your property will likely drop one speed tier.

It is also possible the neighbors wiring is for hardwired phones only, not internet. At lowest speed of .76 is about 2.5 miles of wiring while phone lines can extend much farther and still work where internet cannot.

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