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Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 8:36 PM


My fiance & I have been existing at&t customers. I've had their phone plan for YEARS. we just got internet with them 7 months ago and just the other day we had to do an emergency move out of our old apartment & into a new one & into a new town & the new place didn't have at&t before us so we would have needed to get someone to come out to put everything in the wall since at&t doesnt do COAXE (sorry if spelled wrong) we called the 800 number first & was told by someone in India that someone couldn't be at our house until 2 days later which we could've dealt with but then we called a store close to us & was told by that person that the previous person never even put in a request for us and there was no open availability for that 2 day later time at all! Then they were confused on which box we had and told us to self install it which there was no way for us to do that, my fiance ended up talking with 4 different people who all gave 4 different answers and mind you , I work from home and RELY on having internet for work! The very last person he talked to that was in a store near us told us that there wasn't any way anyone could come help us at all! She said someone would come by and look on the outside of the house the next week & we would have to try to "catch" the person and they MAY help us like (Edited per community guidelines) is going on with this company , everything was wonderful 7 months ago when we got the service put in our other apartment Of course! so long story short my fiance told them to cancel our internet & they didn't even care one bit. We pay SOOO much every month for our phones and watches and I'm sure once everything is paid off with At&t we will be finding another phone provider too. They care about you when you sign up but when you've been a customer and need help you're on your own and there is no one there to help you. I'm done with AT&T as soon as all of my phone's are paid off . DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY !!!

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9 months ago

When you check the address for the new location, does it state ATT internet is available? 
If yes, at what speed?

If yes, does it allow for self install or require a tech installation?

Self install is only an option if service was previously established for the address.

You can transfer the moving of your service online without involving anyone provided the address is eligible.

While may vary by market, I would expect any order for installation to be 1 to 2 weeks, at least in our Midwest market.

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