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Friday, December 1st, 2017 9:42 PM

Installation Complaint

I ordered a bundle of Direct-TV, internet and phone service on 11/24/17. The first scheduled installation date was 12/11/17. That is way too long to wait so I called on 11/28/17 to move up my installation date, and the rep moved it to 12/1/17 with the tech arriving between 9-11am. I got a confirmation email about it. Today is 12/1/17, 11am rolls aroubd and no call/no show from a tech. I spend 30 minutes on the phone with two different reps. The first rep said there was no information on the installation date change. He had to conference someone else into the call who then verified it for today, but said that the technician was still at another address and would be to my house between 12-4pm. 4pm rolls aroubd and GUESS WHAT! No call no show AGAIN. I spend ANOTHER 35 minutes on the line with another rep, only for then to tell me that there was a misunderstanding and so nobody was coming out today and she has to reschedule for next week. That's complete crap. I am not satisfied with this and don't even want to get these services through AT&T at this point. No excuse for having had wasted my day because your employees can't figure things out. Now I have to waste another day HOPING a technician will show up. Horrible and needs addressed ASAP. 

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