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Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 8:30 PM

How to Get AT&T to wire our street

Hi. Anyone know how to get AT&T to install wires from the beginning of our (brand new) street (AT&T master line already goes to the beginning of our circle)?

I've called and stopped by retail stores for months and have only wasted hours of my time. 

AT&T wires literally extend to within 75 feet of my home (I'm the first home of 10 completed homes in our new circle - another 10+ homes are yet to be built). All we need is AT&T to extend their already existing wires at the beginning of  our circle INTO our circle. Our homes are all already connected to telephone poles.

Any useful advice would be incredibly appreciated.

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4 months ago

What service does the existing homes have when checking their addresses online?

Copper or fiber?

Internet speed?

Did the developer contact ATT about providing service? Local structure would help been placed when other utilities where being set.

Copper service expansion was completed end of 2015... basically only fiber now being deployed, if the service exists.

If you a Legacy DSL, would be no hardwired service but cellular hotspot using 4G or 5G wireless, about 20% of addresses within footprint would be this.

Another question is ATT the ILEC for that new area... my zip code is 90% ATT and 10% CenturyLink, if the new housing is in a different providers area do not expect ATT to overbuild.

If the neighborhood I'd already fiber, only addresses planned for would have service... this is where the developer needs to communicate the need before construction began. From planning to activation can be up to 2 years.

Is local cable provider an option to provide service to these new addresses, normally wants about $3000 per hookup in our area for new construction. 

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4 months ago

Thanks for your questions and time. I'll answer as best I can, but my knowledge is limited, given AT&T's incredibly poorly designed and managed operations. (from a consumer's POV).

My understanding is our homes have fiber installed from each house out to the telephone pole. What ATT has wired in the neighborhood (though only up until they extend INTO my courtyard) is anybody's guess (including any of the poorly trained and totally disempowered ATT employees' guesses).

Finding out if the neighborhood is fiber or copper is, as best I can tell, impossible, given AT&T's poorly designed and run operations. The only thing store employees and 800-number employees are good for is signing up new customers THAT DAY. Customers whose neighborhoods are fully wired. 

Speed? I don't know. As fast as possible given the hardware/system available.

As mentioned, the houses on the street adjoining mine are all already wired. Not sure if they're copper or fiber, but because they're all new (the first part of the development I live in), I'd assume they are fiber. 

The site manager (whom I've discussed this, ad nauseum, on several occasions over the months) assures me that everything the developer had to submit to ATT, etc WAS submitted 6 - 9 months ago. In fact, when I first called ATT in September, they informed me that my home didn't exist (wrong). Their system told them, and they informed me, that my home (and others) would not exist until November 2022, at which time, they assured me, internet service would be available. 

Clearly, as in all things ATT, the ATT employees were completely wrong.

Any help you or anyone else might offer would be appreciated. In particular, does ATT have a department (that is contactable) who is responsible for wiring new neighborhoods? 

I've actually spoken with the technician who was (a month ago) at the main pole 75 feet from my home, through which service to my neighbors in the older section of the community get service, and the technician assured me that that main pole was wired and ready to go for our newer homes, but that ATT and comcast simply have to come out and extend the wiring further into our courtyard.

Thanks again for your time.


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