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Thursday, July 13th, 2023 3:24 PM

How Long Until I Will Be Able To Upgrade From Copper To Fiber?

So for a little bit more detail, a few months ago a company came through the neighborhood and was placing fiber optic cable down in our area. I was just wondering if there is a time frame of when the ATT database would be updated and allow us the upgrade to fiber. They are still putting fiber cable in the city where I live a few miles away but there is a different company putting fiber optic cable in the ground so I'm not sure if it is for ATT or for another ISP such as Spectrum, Verizon, etc. So I am just not sure if I would have to wait until they also finish or if this is just something that ATT decides when we can use it.

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5 months ago

Usually, you will see signs in your neighborhood or may even receive a visit/call from the sales team when the area turns green for AT&T Fiber. You can also periodically check on available services by visiting inputting your address.

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