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Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 10:52 PM

AT&T Uverse Technician Missed Commitment - Can they resume installation next day

I subscribed to the Uverse tv/internet bundle a few weeks back and scheduled my installation for yesterday 1-3 pm.  But an hour past the period, the technician said that he's not able to make the commitment without giving any reason as to why, and that a scheduler would get in touch with me.  I had to call CS and they said that the earliest they can reschedule me is over the weekend.  Why can't the technician resume and prioritize my installation where they left of the following morning.  Is there any way to request the technician to prioritize my installation due to his missed commitment?


I cannot have any disruption to my internet service since I work from home, and my service is scheduled to shut down tomorrow.  If AT&T technicians aren't able to accommodate this reasonable request to keep their installation commitments, then I won't have any choice, but to cancel my order and stick with my current ISP.

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