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Sunday, September 3rd, 2023 7:05 PM

ATT Internet

I’m a new ATT customer. This weekend I moved to a new place of residence and decided to give ATT a try - a big mistake.  

I received a box from ATT, downloaded ATT app and started installing internet. I got to a point where my internet box flashed green but wouldn’t activate.

I spend 2-3 hrs on the phone with ATT customer support - they were not able to fix the issue and determined that they need to send a technician but technician wouldn’t be available till Sept 7.

I explained that I work from home and meet internet service and I can’t wait till Thursday 9/7.  There was nothing that customer service people could do to help.

I feel that I made an agreement with ATT for my service to begin on 9/1 not 9/7,

I understand that mishaps happen, but I expect ATT to do make it a priority and do everything they can to rectify the situation.

The only option I have is to call ATT oversees customer service where I get zero help and where it appears people have no authority to do what’s right.

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3 months ago

It’s a normal repair appointment 

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3 months ago

Yes it seems like a normal repair appointment, my point was that ATT agreed to provide service on Sept 1, if ATT for whatever reason failed to keep their part of bargain and missed the promised date then they should go beyond “normal” repair appointment.

I think what’s most frustrating is that ATT feels no responsibility to deliver what has been promised and when they fail, they feel no urgency to go beyond “normal” to fix the issue.

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3 months ago

Did you have a scheduled installation appointment with on-site tech? Normally a $99 installation charge with tech provides equipment from their vehicle. 

No, you had a self install, equipment shipped to you, meaning working service existed previously at the address. I would estimate 90+% of self installs have no issues, for the ones that do have to call and receive next availability.

For most areas not facing severe causes 3 to 5 days is standard… after major storm damage damage can be 7+ days. 

What equipment did you receive?

Have you performed a FACTORY RESET by depressing and holding the reset button for 20 seconds? Then check back in 30 minutes after software updates complete if service is established.

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3 months ago

Hey there @PeterMankow, we understand where you're coming from and the hassle that the situation might have caused.


Normally when a customer has an issue with a self installment package, which rarely happens, they are advised to call AT&T Customer Service. Considering you've already done that and a tech appointment was scheduled, we'd like to explain that the system schedules you a tech appointment after your details have been entered and most times the wait for a tech is between 3-5 days. Sometimes tech appointments are scheduled for later than that because there might be some backend maintenance work in your particular area that requires fixing first. 

You can be rest assured that your issue is a priority to us too and is not considered "normal". 


Please feel free to reach out to us for further assistance


JamesR, AT&T Community Forums Specialist

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