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Friday, September 22nd, 2023 7:54 PM

wifi splitter and extender question

AT&T is my ISP and provides the router. I recently installed a Rheem Econet thermostat and Rheem informed me that I need to add a wifi splitter or wifi extender in order to add the thermostat onto the network so that I can get the app to work. Can anyone confirm this and what is the appropriate equipment I need to add. Thank you.

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2 months ago

That might be the case if your device cannot receive a WiFi signal, for instance if it is out of range.  

You might try disabling the 5 GHz radio in the gateway to see if it makes a difference.   If it does and you can connect your new device, the 5 GHz radio can then be re-enabled.   Everything should remain connected.  

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2 months ago


Thank you for your prompt response; very helpful.  I performed a wifi signal check near the thermostat - its strong/green - so it's not installed out of range.

1. do I risk disconnecting anything by disabling the 5Gh radio? Not sure how to do that since it's an AT&T managed router. And I have 18 things connected to the Pace 5268AC and worried about taking the network down.

I'm confused since every other transceiver, app, speaker etc. connected & works fine (including the old thermostat). 

2. Might the EcoNet rep misspoke when she stated extender and meant to state splitter?

I appreciate your expertise and experience. Thank you

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