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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 5:32 AM

Uverse router (model 3800HGV-B) reboots

Our U-verse router, model 3800HGV-B) reboots at least once a day. I I'm able to verify that it's rebooting by looking at the "Time Since Last Boot" in the routers "System info" page. We can also hear the router reboot as it makes an audable click as it powers off and on.


Anyone have any ideas?


Thank you.



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8 years ago

@kevitivity   Has it interrupted TV or Internet?  Could try to turn off IPv6 that can cause reboots.


On all Uverse RGs, IPv6 causes disconnects, rebooting and browsing problems (Internet).

Disable IPv6 in all Uverse RGs info here:


If a 2wire/Pace/Arris RG (3800/3801/5031/5268) click the Go here link at top of the orange globe.

Good luck 😉



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8 years ago

Hi @kevitivity,


Sorry to read of the reboot issues. In the past, modem environment has played a factor in this. Check out this article it may help. Section one the portion of the link that will help the most. 


If the article does not help, send us a message by clicking here. Provide your name, 9 digit U-verse account number, and phone number.

Keep an eye on the envelope.png at the top right corner of your screen for a response. In the meantime, let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!





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8 years ago

Thank you both. It looks like it only reboots about once a day.  We only have internet, no TV service. And the router is in a cool, well ventelated space. We do lose internet conectivity when the router reboots, but it comes right back up after a about a minute.  This affects both wired and wireless users.


I've disablef IPv6 and will see how it goes.  Other than this small issue, U-Verse has been a great service.


Thanks again.

ACE - Expert


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8 years ago

If turning off IPv6 didn't do it, look at the Broadband stats on your Gateway (where it shows sync rates, attenuation, SNR and error counts).  Make a screenshot of that (avoiding or masking your IP and MAC addresses) and post it here and we'll see if it looks like you have or interference issues.




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8 years ago

It looks like turning off IPv6 may have done the trick.  No reboot in over a week!


Time Since Last Boot7 days 14:25:34




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7 years ago

I realize my issue is off topic as regards the symptom, so I would appreciate if anyone can direct me to the right place for a response.


My Gateway is the 3800HGV-B which has been in service since we brought U-Verse into the house ten or more years ago, along with 5 set top boxes, each attached to a flat screen TV.  One TV is adjacent to the Gateway box, connected by a CAT5 Cable; one TV is in the adjacent bedroom fed by a cable from a splitter in the attic.  The other 3 TVs are at the opposite end of the house, fed by a splitter in the attic at that end of the house.  Up until three months or so ago, I had no issues what so ever, then my problems began, as follows:


I happen to enjoy my life-long hobby in ham radio, but I'm not one with the 1KW Amp, and a sky full of aluminum antennas.  I have a modest "shack" which contains a 15 Watt and a 100 Watt transmitter feeding via coaxial cable to end-fed wire antennas in the back yard.  Now, for some unknown reason, when I operate the 100 Watt station, the set top box on each of the three TVs mentioned above (if that TV is being viewed) will totally disconnect from the ATT service.  A message of instructions appears on the screen, advising of possible "reset" options.

(ironically, one option is to REBOOT the Gateway by depressing the power button for up to 4 seconds.  I cannot locate the power button, so I merely remove the power plug and eventually the Gateway will awaken, and so will the "lost service" message on the failing TV or TVs be restored.


When I elect to operate the 15 Watt rig, those same three TVs will lose audio, and the screen image will freeze......... the other two TVs mentioned above are not affected by any of these symptoms.  I have run out of ideas so I need someone to help with some recommendations.


I think it strange that the three failing TVs share one splitter in the attic, and neither of the two others which do not fail, are not associated with that splitter.  I am getting the idea also that since  my Gateway is apparently a early generation device and that a lot of commentary has been voiced that the NVG589 is a much improved, newer, and upgraded model, I wonder if my problems might be relieved if a new Gateway device is the answer.


I almost hesitate to attempt to convey this problem to a ATT help desk person for fear that they would not find it specifiaclly discussed in their checklist.  In fact when I encountered a service rep in the neighborhood, his eyes literally rolled back in his head.  He had no clue what I was talking about.  What might I do now to draw the necessary attention to resolve this issue?




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