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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 3:47 PM

Packet loss on Twilio only

We use a cloud ACD provider and they use Twilio as a voice provider.  We are finding that all of our Agents who have AT&T Fiber at home can not take calls consistently. We installed PingPlotter on their machines and are running three traces.  One trace is to a local server, one trace is to the ACD provider and the third trace is to Twilio (  We see that the trace to Twilio experiences 80% packet loss, while the other traces do not experience any notable packet loss at all.  The pattern is - 10 - 30 minutes of 100% packet loss, the IP address then changes and you see one minute of no packet loss, then the packet loss starts for 10-30 minutes again.  Sometimes the IP address changes and there is no affect.  Sometimes the IP address changes to an address that previously resulted in a minute of lucidity, but does nothing.  We have several people on AT&T Fiber and this happens with everyone who is on this service.  This is not happening with other services such as Xfinity.  What can we do to resolve this?

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10 months ago

Let's help get you pointed in the right direction, @ecrawford!


We recommend that you contact Twilio's support team for help with your agents' inability to make calls. They are best equipped to help with troubleshooting their product.


If additional assistance is needed, please have the affected agents contact us


Feel free to reach back out if you need help in the future. Thank you for contacting the AT&T Community Forums!


Lacey, AT&T Community Specialist 

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