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Monday, October 5th, 2020 3:32 AM

My wifi is pain.

My WiFi is dog(Edited per community guidelines), can’t play a single game of cod or rocket league without me lagging my (Edited per community guidelines) everywhere, this is a painful experience that I’ve been going through since March, please help me. p a i n

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3 years ago

You might have to consider placing the AT&T router in pass through mode, purchasing a better router (mesh WiFi would be an option) and see if your WiFi speeds are better and more reliable.

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3 years ago

To be sure is it your WiFi or your internet you are having problems with? I ask as too many people call internet WiFi.


Using a wired connection to your Gateway (modem/router combo) do a speed test. Not only using AT&T's site, but also check (Ookla) and (Netflix) for comparison. Run the same checks using WiFi to your Gateway. That will narrow down if it is an issue with the internet coming into the home and Gateway or if it is just the wireless connection (WiFi) that is struggling between your gaming device and the Gateway.


Unplug power from the Gateway for a minute.

Verify all plugs secure before powering back on.

If you are using WiFi, try switching from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz (if equipment supports it).


If device stays put, consider a powerline adapter to get a wired connection to your Gateway. Uses your home's electrical wiring. Though might not get top speed as direct Ethernet, it is usually much faster and more stable than WiFi.


If device moves around (such as laptop) consider a wireless network adapter that may send/receive a stronger signal than the built-in one. And if the built-in one only supports 2.4Ghz, then getting one that supports 5Ghz might make all the difference.

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