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Friday, June 14th, 2019 9:18 PM

Massive uverse latency

My internet is extremely slow in practical usage.  The problem seems to be the latency.  Below I copied from the gateway speed test page.  Look at the latency values.  It makes the internet practically unusable.  It is not like this all the time, but whenever my internet is going slow and I go test it, the latency is huge.  Then it goes back down to 30-50 without doing anything on my side.  How can I fix it, short of switching to another provider (which I am close to doing).



Speed Test

WARNING: During this Speed Test, services that are using the network (e.g., web browsers, voice calls, video) may have their performance impacted. In addition, the results of this Speed Test will be lower when these services are in use during the test.

Test History
Test Completion Time Direction Throughput(Mbps) Overhead(Kbps) Average Latency(ms)
06/14/19 4:16:39 PMdownstream24.2611369807.348
06/14/19 4:16:20 PMupstream1.525871055.542
05/22/19 2:58:00 PMdownstream25.13114181644.831
05/22/19 2:56:57 PMdownstream24.82514011142.826
05/22/19 2:56:35 PMupstream1.7671001568.214

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4 years ago

Hi @Backl1der,


Thank you for reaching out to us here! Did you disable IPv6 on your Gateway? We also suggest that you check your port configuration on your Gateway.

You can also view this article on Understanding Ping and Traceroute.


On this page, you will find many solutions that have plagued your internet experience. Best of all, these solutions and recommendations were written by people of the internet!

Let us know if you need anything else!


Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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3 years ago

Here is the entire Pinplotter Pro
Inline image
Here is the latest today,  1906 Packet sent to Goggle( No Packet loss,  958 Packet sent to Primary ATT DNS( 24% Packet loss, 730 Packet sent  to Secondary ATT DNS( 39% Packet Loss
Almost a thousand more pings to Goggle in the exact same time period to the Primary ATT DNS and almost 3 times more than sent to the secondary ATT DNS:
Inline image
Please see the latest 29% Timeout on Primary DNS  and 52% Timeouts on secondary DNS  see attachment
I ran 3 simultaneous Pings: 
First to the primary DNS Server on the Uverse Modem:   Results 10% Packet Loss
Inline image
Second to the secondary DNS Server on the Uverse Modem:   Results 42% Packet Loss


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