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Friday, October 5th, 2018 7:00 PM

IPv6 Delegation Up Charge?

I'm using uVerse Internet with a Fortinet firewall on my home network.  I'm trying to run dual IPv4/IPv6 at home.

I'm a network architect wanting to get more experience with IPv6 since, well IPv4 is almost exhausted.


On my Arriss BGW210-700, I see the an IP addressing subnet and prefix but nothing listed for delegation.  Right now my firewall receives a /128 IP address.


I contacted support and after being transferred a few times was told that I had to pay $180 a year for a premium support package.  That IPv6 delegation is "a special request" and not part of my Internet package; only IPv4.


So, I'm trying to determine exactly is happening.  It sounds like I don't need to purchase a block of IPs but it just seems odd that AT&T is out there stating they support IPv6 and native IPv6 and yet I'm in this conundrum.


DHCPv6 delegation is the way of the future and will need to be implemented on all these modems for anyone that has a personal router at home.  Private IPs and NAT are going away.  This means anyone buying a Linksys or Dlink wireless modem or more advance firewall is going to have to pay $180 just to be able to provide additional security beyond what the Arris modem offers?


If anyone has any insight into this it'd be much appreciated.

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