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Sunday, August 27th, 2023 11:55 PM

Internet Outage

internet has been out since last Sunday and a technician came out last Tuesday and informed me that a ticket will be created and my internet would be restored no later than Wednesday...LIE!! Then I receive a text message informing me that it will be 14 days for my service to be restored....Nope don't think so!! I've called numerous times and I'm getting a run around just fix the internet for those who are without the internet this is RIDICULOUS!! Called yesterday because I was told on Thursday my services will ne running by 2 pm Saturday another LIE!! The representative told me on yesterday that they are waiting on a contractor to fix the all the money AT&T has they can't get nothing fixed AT&T is supposed to be nationwide and the best. I'm disappointed and disgusted with AT& T. I'm going to be checking on some other services because this is a bunch of bull🤬!! Stop telling customers things that are not true and get the problem fixed! 

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