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Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 4:39 PM

I have "access" to the internet, but at the same time I don't

I am using a laptop and I am on the internet right now, I can access websites, but down at the bottom of my screen where it indicates my internet connection, it is saying that my connection has no internet. My router appears to be working fine as all the usual lights are solid. But there are several programs on my computer that require logging in to accounts but it cannot connect to their servers. And when I try to troubleshoot certain things, it says that I am required to be connected to the internet. Nothing has changed as far as settings that I know of from yesterday, I didn't even realize that it wasn't connected until about midday because the Internet still works, despite it saying that it's not connected. Like I said I can browse the web fine, but any of my software or applications that require me logging into an account will not allow me to do so due to the apparent lack of Internet so I am a little stumped here. I've done all the usual restart my laptop, reset my internet connections, forget and resync the connection, reboot the router, reset the router the factory, and nothing is working, this same issue is happening on my other laptop as well so I don't believe it has anything to do with the laptops settings. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated regarding this matter.

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5 months ago

Glad to help with your Internet connection, teamavidgaming.


Based on the information you provided, we'll have to access your account. We'll send you a Direct Message to gather your information and start working on a resolution. Look for the chat icon in the upper right corner of the page.


Also, let us know if you have any 3rd party equipment connected. This is a common problem with 3rd party routers.


Aminah, AT&T Community Specialist

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