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Thursday, February 26th, 2015 7:52 PM


Check your AT&T internet speed

To Begin a Speed Test:

Prepare your network to get accurate results


  • Delete your browser’s Cache, Cookies, and Temporary Internet Files. To find out how please go here
  • Stop all downloads, streaming, applications, or programs that may be using your Internet connection
  • Use a wired connection directly between your device and the gateway, exclude third party routers for this test
  • Eliminate traffic being used by all devices connected to the gateway except for the device with the speed test in progress, disable WiFi if necessary
  • Reboot your Residential Gateway


Launch the AT&T recommended speed test site at


  • Enter your AT&T e-mail address to help us improve our service (optional)
  • Click the START TEST button checkInterspeed2.png
  • Allow 30-60 seconds for your test results
  • Review the Download and Upload speed then compare it to your subscribed speed
  • Rerun the test if needed by using the button in the test results section Checkinterspeed3.png


Speed test results still slow?


  • Go to our myAT&T app and let us test your service, if we find something we can begin resolving the issue
  • Reboot your residential gateway if you have not done so, regular use leads to low memory and pending processes for the gateway’s operating system as with most networking devices
  • Check the Ethernet cable for any defects and replace if necessary
  • Periodically clear your browser’s cache
  • Scan your PC or device for any Spyware, Virus, or other malicious programs and take action to remove them
  • Avoid running multiple firewalls, or disable firewall
  • Avoid using VPN connections and Internet Proxy servers



Understanding the results:

Why are my speed results good but streaming media, or gaming is slow?


  • A speed test will measure your download and upload speed but does not measure the quality or stability of your connection. To measure quality and stability it is recommended to do a ping type test to identify if any packet loss exists

What is Mbps or Kbps?


  • This is the unit of measure for your Internet speed
  • Mbps - Megabits Per Second
  • Kbps- Kilobits Per Second
  • 1000 Kilobits is 1 Megabit

Why do other speed test sites give me different results?


  • Speed test sites use different server locations, it is recommended to use the nearest server to you
  • While it is good practice to test your speed with alternate speed testing sites, please be aware the results may vary based on location.



ATTJohnCS, AT&T Community Specialist








*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.

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5 years ago

Hi all,


I cannot go to to check my internet speed.

I suspect it has to do with incorrect DNS setting or some sort.

It will point me to, which is a dead page repeatedly. 


I am using AT&T Model: PACE 5268AC FXN and a Linksys EA6900 AC1900 behind AT&T using a wire connection.

I turned off AT&T wireless network in Pace box (AT&T RT) and configured Linksys (LS) to router mode (RT) using DHCP with both wireless and wire connection turned on. 

On AT&T RT, I assigned a private address for LS RT.

On LS RT, I acquired a private address IPv4 and IPv6 from AT&T RT.


FIrst, I don't understand why AT&T RT does not have a feature to save the current setting into a file, especially for firewall setting. I will save me a lot of time when I need to reconfigure AT&T RT.  Is there any update on firmware of PACE 5268AC available? 


Second, would someone explain it to me why I cannot put LS RT into DMZplus so I don't have to worry about configuring the firewall on AT&T RT? It would save me a lot of trouble. 


Because I cannot connect LS RT to DMZplus zone, I need to turn on firewall on AT&T RT and do NAT for LS RT. That is quite troublesome for me because I need to configure the firewall by allowing certain applications to pass thru from AT&T RT to LS RT. 


It appears to me that I can manage to get that working for a while, say 12 hr or so. After that, I must reboot my LS RT or AT&T RT manually.

Do I configure my home network properly?


Please advise. 





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