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Friday, May 26th, 2023 4:36 PM

Strange Occurrence Between My Smart TV and WiFi Extender

I have my Vizio SmartCast TV connected to the AirTies 4971 WiFi Extender via Ethernet cable. (I also have my Xbox One X connected to this same Extender via a separate Ethernet cable. The extender is no more than 3 feet away from both devices.) My TV recognizes in its Network Settings and acknowledges on the screen the fact that there is a wired connection between Extender and TV. As far as I can tell, there isn’t anything wrong with the TV and it works just fine.

However, for some reason, the Extender doesn’t seem to acknowledge the existence of a wired connection between these two devices. Upon investigation into this connection point in the Smart Home Manager app, the Extender claims to have no wired connection with my TV, but rather a wireless one instead. Often times, my TV will be connected to the internet via other connection points in the house much further away, while still having the Ethernet cable connecting it with the previously mentioned Extender!

How is this possible?? I have 3 other devices, including my Xbox, that I use Ethernet cables for, and all 3 of them are confirmed to have wired internet connections in the Smart Home Manager app. Why is this not the case between the Extender and my TV? Has anyone else encountered this problem before?

Is there a way to fix this, so that the Smart Home Manager app accurately reflects a wired connection between the Extender and my TV? 

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4 months ago

Sometimes the smart tv needs to be told which network connection to use. 

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4 months ago

How is the AirTies connected to the Gateway?  Via the 5 GHz Wi-Fi back haul?  Via a WIRELESS connection?  I'm assuming so since the AirTies has only two Ethernet jacks (really intended for wired backhaul and daisy chaining other AirTies for wired backhaul), and you have two devices connected...

It really doesn't matter if the TV is connected to an Extender (serving as a bridge) if the Extender is connected to the Gateway via Wi-Fi... it may show as a wireless connection.  It would not be the flakiest thing Smart Home Manager has shown.


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