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Fri, Feb 10, 2017 7:43 AM

Should I not change the Network name and password on the Arris NVG599?

Hi there! After having a lot of trouble with my internet slowing down and shutting off entirely and then turning back on again, an AT&T tech finally came to service my router. He checked the line and it seemed to be OK so he asked if I'd changed the name of my router's Network and Password - of course I HAD for security. He said unfortunately that that was a known bug with this particular router (the Arris NVG599) - that if you change the name/password it can't correctly connect to the internet. So he gave me a new router (same model) and told me not to change the Network name and password.


To me this sounded a little questionable so I googled and haven't been able to find info like this anywhere else. Is this, indeed, a known bug? Personally I don't feel secure leaving it at the default settings.

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I am with @JefferMC on this one... I have even asked around and no one else has heard of it either.


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Never heard of such.  Sounds like he's blowing smoke.




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I know this is an old thread, but maybe someone else will have same problem. My new NVG599 worked for about a day with both 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz being broadcasted and working fine. I decided that wanted more control over which device gets the 5.0 so I changed the SSID name and passwords for both. Since then I can no longer get the 5.0 to show up in any 5.0 devices. I went back and did factory resets and started over a few times and still can not get the 5.0 SSID name to show up on any of my devices. I even manually added the SSID and passkey to my devices and of course it would not connect...saying that it was out of range. Well it is about 8 feet away in same it is not out of range, it is just not broadcasting the signal.. So right now I am thinking that there might be some truth to what the tech told you. I am certain that mine broke once I changed the SSID'S. Now I guess I have to convince someone to replace it. Not sure which number to call to get the ok for replacement or if i have to call a tech number to do all of the plugging, unplugging, moving, hoping on one foot stuff first. 

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