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Sunday, July 4th, 2021 9:05 PM

Safety with ATT

ATT isn't so interested in safety when it comes you.  I had to beg, plead and basically threaten their bottom line before I could get them to come out and bury my internet line that was catching on every delivery truck that came into my driveway.  Today I noticed that they left a nightmare of mess of wires at the pole.  So I call ATT tech but they give me the run around about it not affecting my service so it wasn't my wires blah blah.  Dude!  It wasn't there before and there's been no storms.  The minute we have another storm, our service is gonna go with a bang or maybe gurgle.  I tried to send them a picture of what I was talking about but they REFUSED to give me an email address because they weren't the right department.  Not the right department?  Why am I talking to you?  Why are you answering the tech line?  I just banged my head on my desk, thanked him for being the most useless call ever and hung up




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2 years ago

File a complaint with the FCC. 

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