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Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 6:59 PM

Personal modem/router in lieu of AT&T rental

I would like to utilize my owner modem/router in lieu of the AT&T rental. Is this an option with their DSL services? I am trying to get away from paying the "rental" fee of $10/month for the rest of time.

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2 years ago


Unfortunately you cannot get away from the rental fee of the Gateway (modem/router combo unit). It is a requirement of AT&T service.

You can use your own router if you prefer and connect it to the AT&T Gateway. Just remember that this does not remove the rental as you are still required to use the Gateway even if just for the modem purpose.

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2 years ago

There’s no way around it. The AT&T modem is required in order to verify and communicate with the servers 

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2 years ago

You cannot get out of using the gateway or paying the monthly fee. You can connect a router to the gateway, put the gateway in IP passthrough and turn off the gateway WiFi. Then use your wireless router for wired and wireless devices. 

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