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Saturday, October 11th, 2014 7:40 PM

IPv6 Should I care?

I have 2 netgear access points that are relatively new but have been very reliable until recently.  Now I have to reboot them daily to get wifi working.  I wasn't sure if was because IPv6 was turned on recently by AT&T on the RG's...I have turned it off to see if it makes a difference (Home Network/Configure) (I see lots of Uverse threads bemoaning IPv6 implementation so I turned it off thinking it can't hurt to turn the hard to implement feature off).


My hardware is as follows Arris 589 gateway running 9.1.0h12d22.


Not sure if it will help but it begs the broader question.  Do I really care about IPv6?  I've bought all the technology I'm going to buy for the next year or two (got my iPhone 6 so I'm done for 2 years).  Is IPv6 all about new hardware needing more address?  If so if my iPhone 6 has a IPv4 IP address do I really need to worry about having IPv6 enable on my RG?

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9 years ago

IPv6 is still a near-future thing.  I still don't know how near that future is.  Right now, it isn't implemented fully by all ISPs, etc.  As long as NAT can keep IPv4 afloat (which it's been doing for 15 years), IPv6 isn't a requirement.  For now, you can just turn it off.


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