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Friday, July 11th, 2014 7:56 PM

Intermittent Wifi - Uverse Internet

I moved locally a few months ago, and transfered my Uverse internet service with me. Since then I have been having intermittency issues. I live in a one bedroom apartment, so anything I connect to, my wii or laptop, is in the same room as the router. 


At first I thought the connection issue was primarily my gaming console's fault. I pretty much just stream Netflix, and rarely bring my laptop home from work. Anyways, I noticed everytime I navigated to a new page on my browser, the lights would start blinking and go out. I would have to wait until all four lights were on again to attempt to browse again.


Unfortunately this issue with the router happens all day, with no avail. Especially when I stream netflix - router light often turns red.


What I have done:


- Reset the router on multiple occasions

- Turned off, unplugged all cables, and turned it back on

- Used At&t's troubleshooting tool

    - This indicated that my router's signal was very low.

    - Recommended I change channels - I've tried all 11.


The only thing I haven't done is call tech support, which I plan on doing once I'm off work. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction until then. Thanks in advance.



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10 years ago

Hello @aledf123 


I'm sorry to hear that your Wi-Fi service is Intermittent but, I'll be glad to help you with this issue. There are multiple factors that can contribute to poor Wi-Fi service. It sounds like the distance between your Gateway and your devices isn't too far and if you already attempted all 11 channels then there are just a few questions I want to ask you about your Gateway's environment.

1.) Where in your home is the Gateway/modem located? Is it in a location up high near a ceiling fan? Down on a carpet floor? (If down on the floor, try elevating it's location)

2.) Is your gateway plugged into any power strips/surge protectors? (If so, try an individual plug instead)

3.) Is it close to any device that would give out EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)? Ex: Computers, monitors, TV's, A/V amps/receivers, treadmills, garage-door openers, etc. (It would be best to keep it at a 3 ft distance from these sorts of devices)


- MorganCS
- ATTU-verseCare



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10 years ago

Thank you for the reply.


My router is on a desk, so it sits about midlevel to the floor and the ceiling.


There is a microwave about 3 or 4ft away, so I'll try moving the router further from it and see if that helps. My TV is across the room, and I generally use my laptop on my couch which is about 5 or 6 ft away.


The router is also directly plugged into the outlet (no extensions or powerstrips).




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