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AT&T related help: BGW320 FAQ

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Thursday, November 24th, 2022 9:26 AM

How does BGW320-505 do NAT address mapping

My router is BGW320-505, I should have IPv4 public static ip address. I want to make the server of the local area network accessible through the public network, how to set it up.

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1 year ago

Hey there @sanduo. Thanks for reaching out to us, and we'll be happy to help you set up your gateway for static IP address.


Here is our information on how to set up an AT&T Internet Static IP:

  • Launch a browser window and navidate to IP address
  • Click Home Network > Subnets & DHCP
  • If prompted, enter the device access code. The device access code is a 10-digit code found on the side of the RG. (If you changed the system password, enter the new password.)
  • Under Public Subnet heading, toggle the Public Subnet Enable from Off to On. (Choose either Public or Private IPs. Do not mix these two selections.)
  • In the Public Gateway Address field, enter the router address of the public static block. This is the second from the last IP address in the IP block.
  • In the Subnet Mask field, enter the subnet mask.
  • In the DHCPv4 Start Address and DHCOv4 End Address fields, enter the first and last usable IP address.
  • In the Primary DHCP Pool section, click either Public or Private IPs. Do nox mix the two selections. ( Private means the nex IP the RG assigns to a device si a local address. Public means the next IP the RG assigns to a device is one of the five public IP address. In this case one of the 144/157/ addressses.)
  • Click Save.

You'll then need to assign an IP:

  • Sign in to your router/gateway using in your web browser.
  • Once signed into router then click 'Home Network' tab.
  • Next 'IP Allocation'
  • Then click 'Allocate'
  • Then you can choose a public IP to assign to yoru specific device you are allocation the IP. (This will tell the router to always assign that IP to a particular device and it's not necessary to make changes to device IP settings.

Let us know if these steps help.


Robert, AT&T Community Specialist

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11 months ago

Where do I find the IP Block? I see no such thing when following these directions.

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