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Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 5:32 PM

Home Gateway loses service several times each week



My parent's have a PACE American Gateway which connects us to our internet, wi-fi, and cable. For the past several months, the gateway seems to lose (and reboot) its connections. The normal state of the gateway is as follows:


Power: solid green light

Wireless: flashing green light

Broadband: solid green light

HomePNA: flashing green light

Service: solid green light


When the connections are lost, all of the lights go solid red, and off (power light stays on). There is also a clicking noise as the system reboots. This is happening several times a week. I know there's construction going on at the end of my street, but I doubt that's the reason it keeps losing/rebooting the signals. We also have a battery backup attached to the gateway.


S/N: ***

P/N: 4201-00134-003


I also know that the Ipv6 standard was added to our Uverse, but that was done a few days ago. I checked the cords and everything is connected properly. What can be done to get this issue resolved? My parents would prefer not to have a technician come out, but if they have to, they have to.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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8 years ago

You can try using the T&R tool here:


You will need the account holders log in credentials to access it.  It will run tests and set up a dispatch if needed.  I would also load it on a mobile device so once it goes down you can run it from that to see if it finds the issue.

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