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Friday, December 30th, 2016 8:41 PM

AT&T Pace 5268ac upload bandwith limited / capped

I was experimenting to find the best equipment to use for my gigabit fiber service, and so far tried using an ASUS RT-68U as well as the AT&T Pace 5268ac. The asus router could not reach the full download speed of my fiber service, and on speed tests was reaching at most 600mbps down, but, it did reach the full upload speed of 100mbps. The pace does reach the full download speed of approximately 930mbps, however as the title suggests the upload speed seems to be limited / capped to 24mbps. The ASUS router being capable of reaching the full upload speed of 100mbps suggests that the cap is definently set somewhere within the AT&T Pace equipment, likely hardcoded somewhere in the firmware or a config which cannot be modified through the equipment's gateway UI page via some setting.


Is there any way to remove the upload limit or cap that AT&T has set on their Pace equipment so that I can reach the full potential of my service?


Will AT&T provide a firmware update removing the cap from their equipment?





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Boy isn't that interesting! I have an ASUS AC router myself behind the 5268. Smiley Frustrated

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