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Monday, September 25th, 2023 3:15 PM

Internet Air speeds

Is there a guaranteed minimum speed with Internet Air? When I first set it up last month I was regularly getting speeds in excess of 100 mbps. Recently speeds are in the single digits - as low as 6 mbps - leaving be unable to stream video, browse the web, etc.  I'm assuming the tower has been overloaded.

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2 months ago

We understand the importance of a high speed Internet connection @bgoodenow. To get the answers needed, please reach out to our team at 800.288.2020 (they're operational every day, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT).

Hope this helps!

ChrisM, AT&T Community Forums Specialist.

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2 months ago


There is no guaranteed minimum speed with any ISP. It is impossible as many factors affect speed/bandwidth. Subscribed speed is only an up-to/theoretical max. There is no promised consistent min or max.

Realistically, you should on average be seeing 80-90% of your max subscribed speed. Less than that there is either a technical issue, constant heavy traffic, or perhaps you are far enough away the signal degrades resulting in your top end potential being slower.

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2 months ago

I suspect too soon for the tower to be oversubscribed…. Product has need available for less than six months.

While no minimum the expectation is 40 to 100 depending on many factors.

Ignore this is cellular internet for a moment, do you have one or more devices regularly uploading such as backups, camera, video upload to streaming service, Dropbox, P2P, etc as saturation of upload will affect download speed.

Next have you checked how your devices are connecting to the hub? For faster speeds would need to be 5Ghz n or ac… if connecting to the 2.4Ghz b/g/n service would explain lower speed.

Any changes to the inside environment such as moved equipment where signal is now having wireless interference from metal objects such as refrigerator, mirror, brick wall or fire place, air duct in wall, etc.

As ATT AIR is cellular, outside environment changes such as weather, trees, new construction blocking line of sight to tower, etc.

While not likely oversubscribed, there is a limited bandwidth from the tower… supports x number of connections. Some accounts might be connecting more devices resulting in consuming more bandwidth. How many devices do you have connected to the internet between tv streaming,IoTs, laptops, tablets, phones, gaming, etc. if expectation was say 5 devices per account and accounts are connecting 10 to 20+ devices that will affect everyone… similar to going someplace where the large number of devices, fair grounds as example, overloads the capacity but only while the fair grounds are open… weekenders getaway to more remote places are another example. 




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2 months ago

No they do not. They provide a download and upload speed "range", or sometimes they say "expected speeds" of:

40-140 Mbps download

5-25 Mbps upload

But they specifically make a point in multiple places on the site to say they do NOT guarantee any speed range. As someone else said, when it comes to internet service (esp residential) I don't think any ISP guarantees a min speed. It's basically always "best effort", "up to" etc.
As others have said its not to likely the tower you are on is overloaded since AT&T Air is still fairly new (in terms of AT&T expanding the rollout to more people). I just had it pop up as a option for internet service on my account maybe a month ago.
I'm considering giving it a try since there is no contract. AT&T built a new 5G tower ~800 feet from our house last year. So when I run a speedtest on my Note 20 Ultra 5G I get really good speeds (~450-500 Mbps down, ~80-100 Mbps up). Currently have 100/20 FTTN VDSL2. Can get cable as well but their prices are awful. But AT&T recently had contractors come down our street obviously doing work to deploy AT&T Fiber here (running new fiber to where the VRAD is, burying lots of large grey "vaults" and lots of smaller green ones etc).

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25 days ago

Hey did you ever find the solution for this ours still isnt working even after getting a new router

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23 days ago

It has been pushed hard on me my at&t that I would NEVER see below the 40 mark. However this isn't true, I have been down as low as 16. I have had my internet drop out of no where during clear skies. Heck it just happened an hour ago. It suddenly doesn't have internet, but there is no error codes. After I close everything I had up.. 1 thing.. and waited for 2-3 min its back up with no issues from that point on. But i've also seen as high in the 100's I just dont trust their "guaranteed range". Its still better than what I had before but there is issues with this as well. Especially since im pretty confident not very many people in my area even have this... considering im in a rural area with very few neighbors... within miles...

Also they also say 5g. mine connects to 4g, despite their is a closer 5g tower. However im pretty sure that 5g tower thats literally half the distance of the 4g one is verizons anyways... but I digress on that.


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