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Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 9:47 PM

Removing my U-Verse discounts while offering us no other options

Now you've gone and made a long time customer mad. I just saw my May bill and it is an insult and tells me that your customer service rep lied to me when he said he had restored my discounts for the next year. When you send me a bill for $320 when it was $228 last month.... you just don't treat your customers this way. I have been waiting for AT&T fiber for six years and you still won't provide it to us.  I understand you are phasing out U-Verse and I've been begging you to install your fiber to my neighborhood (the adjoining neighborhoods already have your fiber), but you've been stonewalling me for 6+ years. 
So here is what I'm feeling... just this past week Comcast laid fiber cable through my yard and they say my neighborhood will have high speed internet within a couple of months, and you have just given me a very hard shove to finally give up on AT&T and change providers. I want my discounts restored until such time as you provide fiber and I can get on Direct TV. You "gave" me 100 mbps to hold on to me last time, but every speed test I've taken since then has peaked out at 70-80 mbps, and it has never EVER shown above 84. And I am being severely overcharged as it is for this very slow internet.  AT&T has lied to me for six years about getting me high speed internet and you expect me to pay $320 for an inferior product.  Unless AT&T can resolve this immediately, as soon as Comcast connects their lines I will be switching. If you treat your customers like crap, you destroy any loyalty they may have had, and I am sick and tired of these constant battles with you. Either you fix this account permanently (until fiber is installed) or you will lose a customer, and I won't be back even after you lay your fiber lines.  I am speech impaired and AT&T's voice screening software cannot understand me, so it is difficult for me to talk on the phone very long. But I will try if you give me a direct line where I can reach a senior retention agent who has the authority to fix this, and if you want to fix your "mistake" and restore my discounts, we can talk. But don't give me another runaround where we play telephone tag with different reps. I want to talk to someone with the power to make this right, right NOW. I've had enough lies and (Edited per community guidelines) from agents who can't or won't do anything.
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1 year ago

If it's related to U-verse TV, that ship sailed a long time ago.  It's a deprecated service that needs to be shut down.  There's no incentive or reason for them to want to hold on to those customers, but getting them to DirectvStream would be goodness. 

Unless Att gets in your area with fiber to compete with Comcast, I suspect price increases are coming regardless. 

If you have a specific issue with your VDSL2 internet service, open a new thread. 

As for the grousing, the forum can't give this kind of help.  We're all customers too. 

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