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Sunday, March 5th, 2023 5:42 PM

NO INTERNET for 7 days now and HORRIBLE internet for the past 2-3 Months with NO END IN SIGHT!

​​We have had AT&T internet and cell phone service at our home for almost 5 years and for the past 2-3 months we have had very spotty, slow and poor internet service. We would loose connection constantly, sometimes for many hours and other times, just long enough to kick my children off their school computers while doing homework. We noticed it wasn’t getting better so we called customer service (whom was quite rude on the phone and kept over talking me) and she said she would get a technician out, but not for many days and that if it was an issue on our end then they were going to charge us $100! Nothing in our home has changed, the modem is in the same spot since the day we got it installed, we have all the same devices as before we had these issues… the technician came out (I was super grateful he was so nice and helpful given the horrible experience I had with customer service) and said there was a damaged line on their side and he fixed it. Our internet worked better for a day or two and then went back to having issues. I called again and they just tried to sell me a more expensive package and said that would fix it. I declined since I’ve never had issues in the past and a more expensive package wouldn’t stop our internet from going out… I have since called AT&T many times due to the fact that we have had NO INTERNET now for going on 7 days! The outage report said they would have it fixed in 24hours when it initially went out. Customer service said that they can’t tell me how long we will remain without service and that it could be days, weeks or more, they weren’t sure, but they are working on it. No one offered us credit towards our bill. The only advice they gave us was to try and use my hotspot if I needed internet! I have Verizon Cell Service and their advice drained my whole hotspot in 2 hours which costs money and my husband doesn’t have hotspot with AT&T!​​

​​Im not sure what to do or if I should cancel AT&T like my husband wants. We have received no updates, no help, no offer of reimbursement for the time we are paying for that we haven’t had it and I’m sick of calling them for them to tell me “they don’t know and to use my hotspot”. Literally everything in our home runs off the internet so we have no tv’s, no use of my children’s chrome books so they can do their homework, I can’t work at my home, kids can’t use their tablets or game systems, etc. and now on top of all that, my Verizon bill is going to go through the roof due to the recommendation to use my hotspot per AT&T. I truly hope they my husbands cell phone bill wont be super high bc of the amount of data used. Can anyone please give me recommendations or advice on what to do or how to solve this or whether I should just switch providers. Thank you!​​

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1 year ago

Hey @rhycam23. We understand your frustration with the service interruption you're experiencing with your internet service, and we'd be happy to a closer look into this for you. 


In order to further help with the service interruption you're experiencing, we'll need to meet you in a DM. We'll have to authenticate your account, so we can check the status of your internet service. Please check your Direct Message inbox (it's the chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the Forums).


We look forward to hearing from you. 


Robert, AT&T Community Specialist

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