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Saturday, January 28th, 2023 9:26 PM

Increased internet useage since Nov 20, 2022

Add me to the list! Internet useage doubled on Nov 21 then tripled on Nov 22. Started using Smart Home Manager to see if my network had been hacked. What a DUMB program! Does not show useage for wired devices, only wireless. Cannot handle wired network switch devices. Cannot determine many users, just labels as “unknown”. Almost useless!

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10 months ago

It's not just SHM, if you go into your account on and look at your usage you'll see the same thing.

It's not common to find consumer network equipment that gives you specific device usage.

If I may ask a favor, please post a comment in THIS thread about your experience with this problem. Include when it began, how much it went up and any other details you can come up with.  AT&T is monitoring that thread so the more people we have in there, the better the chance of getting to the bottom of it.

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