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Monday, July 31st, 2017 5:36 PM

Horrible Customer Service

Why does AT&T penalize their customers for an employee's mistake?


We switched to AT&T because we heard of the "wonderful customer service" they provided. We originally had Comcast, so anything had to be better than that... or so we thought. 

the day of our initial install, the tech did not show up within the time frame provided, so I called AT&T and the representative, Maria, was very understanding of our situation and offered to wave the installation fee of $99. How amazing is that! 

Well, 10 days later, the install charge of $99 is back on my account. I have spoken to several "higher ups" and I am being told, by Tabatha in loyalty customer service,  that Maria's "notes" in my account do not state a waved install fee but that they are willing to wave half of the fee today. So now I am being penalized $50 because their employee didn't do their job? I tried for over an hour to speak with someone who could actually help me with this situation but I am starting to think that no one can. Please tell me, what kind of customer service is this? I am regretting my decision to do business with AT&T and I have not even received my first bill.

- The unsatisfied customer



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6 years ago

That pretty much sums it up.  They keep telling me that the overcharge is being credited, and it never is.  I have been short paying my bill for 3 months now.  They basically got the second bill wrong, and won't change it.  Like you, they charged install fee on phone, which the add said there were no additional fees.



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6 years ago

This is one of the worst experiences I have had with a security company so far. We would have had the system for almost two years in Oct. 2017 but we bought a new house in August. The new house didn't have At&t services so I cancelled everything (uverse, internet, phone and digital life) after being passed around to retention specialist after retention specialist from Jamaica and still wasn't able to get my services disconnected. This is after 4 different phone calls mind you. One Jamaican chick was above and beyond rude to me while on the phone with my husband so I reminded her of her customer service position. She then decided to turn our services off same day instead of three days later as we had requested. If anything is to happen to my family or property in those 3 days I will be sueing At&t for negligence behind your petty retention specialist. I asked for the 14th and she immediately caught my services off and charged me a termination fee. Please remember your calls are recorded



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5 years ago

This is deliberate deception on ATT's part to drag customers in, and then screw them over. And you're stuck with a contract or getting threatened by debt collection or have a HUGE cancellation fee. No company, not even a mega-telecommunications co. is THAT incompetent. The practice is deliberate.


I also just switched from xfinity/Comcast cos the internet was awful. At end, it was going out 3x/ hr. On a limited budget, I tried to self-install, couldn't. Called ATT, told customer support I was so frustrated I was ready to cancel.



Customer Svc: Let me have you talk to Customer Loyalty.


Me: Asks 3 x - there will be no charge?


Bill: You've got a $99 installation fee!

Me: tweets at att.

Att twitter: Contact customer support.

Customer Support: We can't waive that fee? Who told you we could waive the fee? But we can LET you pay it in installments.


CS: Let me transfer you to Customer Rewards, maybe they can give you a rewards card to help pay for this. (IOW the VISA debit card I was supposed to get anyway to use for other fun purchases.)


ATT Rewards: We can't give you a special reward to cover that fee? Who told you that? Wait, you're entitled to a $50 rewards card. And we'll send it to you on xx (a week after my HUGE ATT bill that I wasn't supposed to have is due).


Oh, and guess what - in looking for contact info for the CEO I saw news stories that one long-time customer who had everything (phone, net, tv) sent a polite note of complaint to the CEO - and was in return contacted by ATT's lawyers, like he'd sent a threat or something.


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