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Monday, March 30th, 2020 1:09 PM

Billing and Internet Throttling

Good morning,

I am paying for Fiber 300 and have only been able to get 100 mbps Down/Up for quite some time now. I had a tech come out 2 months ago and he couldn't figure out why I was only able to get 100, at most 150 on any of my devices. I was directed to customer service and given a new (same modem I have), which did not fix the problem. I was told there was nothing they could do after that. My speeds haven't been what I pay for over the last 2 months, yet I pay the same contract price every month. Wi-Fi or plugged directly into the network does me no good. Now I check online with your speed test in your troubleshooting section, I only get 100/100 into my box outside. Please advise on the billing, as I shouldn't pay for something that isn't getting 1/3 of the speed.

Thank you

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