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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 9:16 PM

A problem with AT&T management

My last payment was made in March and I didn’t make a payment because of COVID-19! I wasn’t receiving bills or any notice! The first manager told me that everything were going to my email and I told her when did that start because I no longer have assess to that email! So basically I paid $150 (June 6th) to get my service back active and she asked when can I pay the rest and I told her June 26th but she repeated back the amount and date (she repeated back the wrong date! Which I corrected her on) I just found out today that my service was suspended again but it shouldn’t because I said that I get paid on the 26th!! Call in today & no one can help!! The agents were more understanding than the managers! I’m frustrated because this ridiculous to have to go through this every single time!! If the first manager would have did her job properly!! I feel that she did this on purpose because our conversation did get intense!! My actions were wrong but to do this because she knew that I said a different date but put down an earlier date so my service was interrupted again is terrible!!! I feel that some of the managers need more training!! I’m feeling hurt and disgusted that my children and I have to suffer without internet because of the lack of communication and terrible service!! I’m currently in school so I can’t complete my work/exams without internet! I’m sooooo upset about this 

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3 years ago

The only way to get a payment arrangement is to login to your account. Customer service reps cannot make arrangements did you file a waiver? That’s the only way to keep your service

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