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Saturday, June 25th, 2022 12:09 AM

What do I do if I’m outside ATT fiber facilities?

Currently a DSL customer living in rural America and I live ATT as a company but hate that a town so small it’s considered a decentralized community less than 4 miles down the road can actively get gigabit Internet and I’m fighting tooth and nail to get anything higher than 25 mpbs. I don’t want anything to do with the scummy Cable companies and do not care for fixed wireless. I just want to find a way to pay a decent price for decent Internet 

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1 year ago

If not wanting to consider alternative ISP options including cable or hotspot (fixed wireless)…

Choices are waiting for an undetermined date/time when fiber may become available or relocate to an address where the desired service is already available.

ATT is 1.5 years into the 2nd (5) year fiber build out.

This is 3 million addresses per year which includes all new GREENFIELD construction of apartments, condos, single family subdivisions PLUS a percentage of Brownfield (existing structures listed above). 

By 2026 30 million addresses within ATT 21 state hardwired footprint. This is about 50% of then expected addresses meaning 30 million will not have been upgraded to fiber.

Therefore can wait another 3.5 years to see IF your address will receive fiber or consider one of over 18 million where the service is already an option. Note that roughly 25% of fiber will be MDUs (multi dwelling units) of apartment / condo complexes.

If interested where, a quick online search for ATT MDU FIBER MAP would yield results.

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