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Wednesday, July 13th, 2022 4:38 AM

Rescheduled again!

Hello AT&T Family,

We live in a new-construction community us, along with our neighbors, have been rescheduled several times now. When I reach out to AT&T support, I don't get a local office, I get an overseas representative that sees the same screen as me and insists the days provided there will be a tech present on that day. We're confused as to why the reschedule continues to happen with no explanation or warning. A call or e-mail would be appreciated! We've lost several PTO days during this whole process and a simple heads-up as to what's going on what be beneficial to our livelihood. Is there a different number for the Southeast US region or someone available here that can help us?

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8 months ago

No, sadly, you've got a lot of company here in these forums. There's really nobody you can talk to to get things done and here's why.....

When the stars align things work exactly as you'd expect, the tech says he's on the way, he shows up, does the install and heads on down the road.

When it doesn't, we see all the massive failures posted here.  It appears as though there's a wall between all the depts and they have no way to communicate across that.  You're spot on about phone "support", they can't see anything that's happening with your order that you can't already see. 

The installers can't talk to the "support" people if there's a problem. 

The engineers don't talk to either side or Sales if there's some issue with the infrastructure so often times Sales thinks you address is ready to rock and roll but engineering didn't tell them a critical part is on backorder.  And the installers may show up and discover it's not ready for prime time, at which point the whole system gets upended.

And while this is all completely unacceptable from a customer standpoint, the absolute worst part is that there seems to be this wall between all of that and the customer.

The problem is I don't see even one iota of effort being put into changing any of these issues.  Like I said, look back through the posts in this forum, go back a year or two and you'll see the exact same stories being played out over and over.  Only the user names and dates have changed.

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