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Friday, December 28th, 2018 4:28 PM

Provide reliable communication to customers.Very disappointed!

I would like to this as an opportunity to explain my dissatisfaction on my recent purchase.


I have placed an order online for Fiber connection and throughout the process it never asked me about when i would like to have my service activated. The system just picked up the date automatically without my concern and I haven't moved to the new house yet so i wanted to have the device delivered to the old location so i called the customer service next morning and informed about the issue about the activation date to be later and wanted the product to be delivered to old location. The representative said she corrected the activation date and she will be mailing the device to my requested location but after a week in the portal it shows the product was delivered but i haven't received one. so, I called. Then i was informed that the product was shipped to new location by mistake and I was assured that this will be taken care of and one more week passed and i called about the product i was expecting and then comes the shocking news, I was informed this time that my order has been cancelled and i was like Whaaat ? How can you do that? I was informed that "sir the service apartment and shipping location has to be the same, since it isn't the system canceled your order. I was like, How in the world I am supposed to know that and why wouldn't anyone talk about it or inform me through all these calls i had with At&t and where is the notification for cancellation, How am i supposed to know if my order was cancelled ? I was just made aware now as i have called, what if i wouldn't? Then the customer representative says sorry agreed it's our mistake can we place your order again ? I was like will i have a another hard check on my credit ? Yes sir. I was like, are you sure ? and why in the world would i want another check when you have all my info pulled previously and why would i take a hit on my credit for your negligence. I am an IT guy, I never expected such a pathetic service especially from service based company like At&t. Switching to any other provider would incur the same credit inquiry so i rather asked the representative to go ahead and create a new order. I would never ever recommend such a service. Few basic blunder in AT&T system.

  • If the representative would inform me about the policy of service address and shipping address has to be the same, I wouldn't had this pain in the first place.
  • Why doesn't the online order give you an option to pick your own activation date? What if i currently have an internet connection and would like to have my new service activated only when i am ready?
  • When my mailbox was flooded with all the junk from AT&T about my new order and instructions, why wouldn't you care to inform me about the product cancellation as well?

Don't mistake me,I know At&t is a big company . I may be unfortunate that i had such a pathetic service,but the reason we opt for brands like At&t is hoping that there would be no room for error.

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5 years ago

Hello @Sp_1428,

I want to personally and sincerely apologize for the service experience you’ve had. I know if that was me, I wouldn’t want to be treated that way either.

I will escalate this case to the proper department for review and feedback however, before I do so, is there anything else we can help with?

Please let us know.


Mihai AT&T Community Specialist

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