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Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 4:52 AM

How many homes in a neighborhood have to apply to get fiber?

I have tried calling customer service, but no real answer. A few of us were talking this weekend about wanting high speed internet. Some have had ATT before. Now only have cable- Spectrum- and speeds are not what they claim, and not sufficient for what we need (medical images, heavy business use). How many homes in a neighborhood are needed to get ATT interested in building fiber access ?

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1 year ago

While I am not aware that you can actual sign up, only notify of interest, to bring fiber to a select neighborhood… the smallest group I have seen is around 60 residential addresses. Most are between 120 to 400 addressses. Some will exceed 600 addresses as the largest PFP offers 864 maximum connections. 

The smaller the lots, the more dense the housing / population results in a better chance of receiving fiber upgrade UNLESS this is NEW GREENFIELD construction. 

By 2026, 50% (30 million) of ATT hardwired footprint within 100+ markets in 21 states will have direct fiber option and the the other 30 million will not. ATT is adding about 3 million residential addresses each year or about 5% of the estimated 60 million total hardwired addresses.

Are you stating ATT does not offer ANY hardwired speed to your neighborhood?

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