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Sunday, July 17th, 2022 3:25 PM

Fiber was Installed - However not showing as available online?

Fiber was installed in my Apartment complex - This happened months ago. The techs came - Installed it in my unit and I can see the Jack on my living room wall. 

BUT the online address verification tool says I don't have it!

Can anyone from AT&T help with this please?



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1 year ago

It could be a couple of different issues.

Installed it in my unit and I can see the Jack on my living room wall. 

What did they install in your unit? invisible Fiber is a retrofit method within your unit or does your unit have a structured wiring panel in a closest and did they just pull fiber to there or did they install a box that requires AC 110v power and is it turned on?

Al the install / configuration steps may not be complete just yet. The other option is that you need to try to enter your address differently in the Availability checker.

Try just the street address and see if you get a pull-down list of units or building. The other option is to try to enter your Apt. number as a suite number.

You could always check with the buildings day to day management office to see if they have a fly with Fiber details or a site AT&T Fiber contact as is often the process.

Also have you seen any AT&T Trucks around in the last couple of weeks on a regular basis. They may have a dedicated install team.


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