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Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 1:56 AM

Fiber optic to my address

How to know when AT&T fiber optic is available at my address?? How is the decision to upgrade a community done?

AT&T lines were installed to my house when our street's over head lines were put underground with talk of fiber optic being used. That was 10 years ago and still not fiber.

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2 months ago

When you enter your address in the above link, if internet 300 or greater ATT FIBER (FTTP) is available.

If your address lists speeds of 25, 50, 75 or 100 this is FIBER TO THE NODE (FTTN) VDSL with last distance copper.

If your address lists speeds of 18 or less this is ADSL2+ with fiber at the Central Office.

If your address lists ATT AIR as available this is FTTCT or Fiber To The Cell Tower 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access)

For FTTP, currently in 8th year build out of scheduled 10 years (2016 to end 2025) some considerations weigh more than others but the stated goal is 50% of hardwired Uverse platform addresses within 100+ markets covering 21 states. That is 30+ million addresses will have FTTP option at start of 2026 and 30+ million will not.

* Population density, the more addresses with small lots (think city lots 50*120 feet)

* Along with this is MDU or Multi Dwelling Units of apartment / condo complexes with at least 60 units some complexes are over 400 units. My estimate is around 25% of fiber addresses will be MDU or about 7.5 million.

* Aerial on poles versus underground, faster and less expensive to place fiber on poles… again mostly city or older subdivisions.

* proximity to other areas with business fiber, my observation for our area is the neighborhoods next to high schools, hospitals, libraries and government offices have fiber.

* proximity to neighborhoods with FTTN, as fiber already to a VRAD with extra strands they can place a PFP next to VRAD and just distribute fiber to the last distance replacing copper, compared to areas where no FTTN exists needing to run fiber from the CO.


while map is not up to date…

click on the map, select FIBER bottom left side and zoom in to desired areas…

what are your observations where fiber (in the red) is located?

My zip code 53188 has 15,000 addresses, 90% ATT and 10% CenturyLink (Lumen).

Out of the 13,500 ATT addresses currently estimate about 6000 have FTTP and will likely be around 7500 to 8000 by 2026. Note 53188 is one of three zip codes for Waukesha Wisconsin which has total population of 73,000 with 30,000+ addresses located about 10 miles from Milwaukee county. Waukesha is the county seat of Waukesha county which is listed as 97 out of 3144 counties in the United States for highest income by median household income. There are several cities in Milwaukee county that are over 80% fiber while Waukesha will be around ATT stated goal of 50%. That means there are cities (zip code) in southeast Wisconsin that will have 20% or less fiber. Population density with service from poles or MDU complexes is where most of the fiber has been located by my view point.

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2 months ago

Lines placed 10 years ago (2013) underground from aerial would have been Uverse deployment (2006-end 2015) with new copper lines. ATT fiber deployment started in 2016 at average rate 3 million per year, or 5% of total footprint upgraded each year. That 3 million includes any and all new greenfield construction of apartments, condos and single family subdivisions. If your in an area with a lot of housing growth there may not be much upgrading of existing areas as the budget for the area is being consumed by the growth of new construction.

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