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Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 9:02 PM

ATTs ordering and installation issues.

  • Initial order with ATT was cancelled because there was already an ATT service active on the address. There was no notification sent out about the order cancellation. They even sent the equipment to the address even when they cancelled the order. Again no notification when they cancelled the order.
    • Apparently they send out a physical letter (as a notification) if there are issues with the order. Which doesn't help if someone is moving in to a new address, since they don't have access to the mail box after the move in date. They don't send out an email, a text, or an automated call saying, "there is an issue with your order".
  • ATTs supervisors give this email out (consumerappeals@att.com) which is either a inactive email, or only an internal email. If you google this email address there are ATT forums from 2016 mentioning that this email bounces and they received it from a supervisor when trying to place a complaint.

    • This same supervisor told me that he had placed a complaint for me, but I still have not received any update from that.
  • I had to place an FCC complaint to get a response from ATT and they are still being difficult about it.

  • I was given multiple misinformation, and information that contradict.

  • There were other smaller issues, which seem like a company the size of ATT should know how to handle but they seem to not be able to.

  • I was told by the person responding to my FCC complaint that they have sent out all these issues they have with their standard operating procedure that it would be looked into and that their front office would be trained to not give out incorrect information, or the (consumerappeals@att.com) email any longer.
  • Date of incident: Nov 2022 - Mar 2023.
  • If you have any issues with ATT regarding any of these issues, I would suggest you file a FCC complaint because they don't respond to complaints that have been placed thru a supervisor. You can use this as a "proof" if you run into these issues with ATT when contacting FCC.

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1 year ago

Oh it gets better. I have been trying for the past 5 months to get service.

I filed an FCC complaint and it gets forwarded to a local supervisor who called me with the "utmost concern" but is actually unwilling to get off her rear and do something that would help. 

I moved out of state to a new construction home. The community was advertised as being AT&T fiber ready. Being a retiree I am aware of the issues with records. The street my new home is on was apparently renamed during the construction project (as was at least 1 other street but it doesn't have any homes). All the homes in the community validate as fiber ready in their website except the 7 homes on my street including mine. The utility right-of-way is in the back yards, shared by the neighbors on the street behind me (these also validate). But at&t is unwilling to send an engineer to come out, take a look and confirm our houses exist and their records need to be updated. 

The manager I spoke with received from the FCC all of my research with proof that all the homes validate, terminal locations and everything. She said, "I wish I could help you."

I said, "you can. Send someone out to manually validate the address."

Her response was "we don't do that anymore."

I can't believe what I heard. I have written to the AT&T manager that is on the local 911 board because I can't even update the address for my cell phone in case of an emergency. Still no response. It's tragic the level of personalism, or lack thereof. I'm in their backyard in Texas and I can't get hold of anyone that will fix this for not only myself, but my 6 other neighbors that have no other option than to go with throttled Xfinity.


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