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Tue, Aug 16, 2022 2:19 PM

AT&T Rewards appears to be a scan orchestrated by AT&T to solicit service

After grueling hours of being on the phone with AT&T reps (5+hrs in one night), being lied to about 85% of my order from a rep just to get a sale; transferred over and over again to wrong depts, hung up on, given non-working/wrong/disconnected phn #s; lied to twice about installation (comfirmed by tech who was told at the last minute to come install my service, because they had me waiting 6 hrs for an appt that was supposed to be the very first appt for that day); falsely billed charges to my credit card that I was forced to put on file just to be able to get service and them having to give me credit 3 different times because of it, due to their incompetence...then to get an email asking me to claim my reward from a website that doesn't work; and when calling the reward center and inputting my claim # (of course it's not recognized) but then I expected that from AT&T! I am a  NJ Verizon retiree; we are not perfect but I don't see how AT&T is still in business! If I could've brought my VZ Fios to NC, I would've never thought about AT&T, but I have no choice at the moment, so I'm stuck with AT&T's lack of customer care, false advertisements, outright lies, unlawfully charging my credit card, which is the reason I don't like putting my card on file! This ALL happen as a first time customer, starting from the first phone call! This is just sickening, and I will be contacting Corporate about this; hopefully they're not as sorry as the service I've endured the past two weeks! Honestly, before my first call to them, I never expected this foolery from AT&T! I'll be letting everyone know what they're in for with them! HORRIBLE!!!

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Thanks for the comments but this is a customer to customer support forum where AT&T employees may stop by from time to time to offer assistance or comments.

You issue started with your initial order. The Rewards are setup and designed for Online Orders not phone orders at 1-800-288-2020. It is an automated process.

... lied to twice about installation (comfirmed by tech who was told at the last minute to come install my service, because they had me waiting 6 hrs for an appt that was supposed to be the very first appt for that day).

That's not how install scheduling / tech assignments work. You get an install window scheduled. There is no specific tech assigned to you. Normally the first appointment of the day is often a Repair call.

Did you have a 9 AM or 11 AM install window scheduled?  The number of install techs available on any day vary based on vacation or sick call-outs due to Covid-19.

Yes your actual tech may have just pulled your install 15 minutes before arriving at your location.

Once your Reward requirements are met then you simply "Claim" your reward(s) on the Rewards web site:


Note: don't use a Claim number but use your AT&T Account number and Zipcode. To activate your Visa Debit card once you receive it just call the automated number to activate it.

There are issues with using the web activation process based on your web browser selection and any pop-up blocking tools you may have install.

Once you got to a 1-800-288-2020 phone rep you are just talking to a Call center contractor that follows a script. They are measured based on number of calls cleared and don't have any visibility to the Rewards Center or the process.

I can't comment on your billing issues without more information. The purposed of setting up Autopay and email billing results in a $5 discount per month. That's your option(s) that you can change at any time.


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Thank you Dave006, I appreciate your response and advice; will do!

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