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Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 12:37 PM

AT&T Fiber neighborhood expansion and current install footprint

My city only has AT&T Fiber internet installed in certain locations up to 1gb. Where can I find information on the future plans to expand AT&T fiber internet in my city? Also, is there a place I can view a map of the current installation footprint in my city on where AT&T fiber internet lines are ran and available? 

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3 months ago

Att doesn’t disclose fiber expansion plans to the public. Or its own employees.

Only as accurate as the data provided by the isp’s. 

You have to play with the search features to get fiber locations by address. A broad search only shows areas with fiber. Even if only a few homes have it. 

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3 months ago

Your best chance of future plans would be local government to determine if any permits have been applied for and where.

With less than 2.5 years left of a 10 year fiber buildout / expansion that started in 2016, ATT has stated a goal of providing 30+ million addresses within 21 state footprint with FTTP service. The breakdown is 25+ million residential which includes apartments, condos, single family housing that is both new greenfield construction and existing services. Additional 4 million small businesses and 1 million large business locations.

The more new construction activities occurring the less likely any specific exiting residential addresses will be upgrade.

Initially large population density with aerial (pole) service was more likely than larger lots with buried service, think city lots versus subdivisions. 

While goal is 50% of all addresses within footprint does not mean 50% of any specific area… some zip codes are 80% to 90% fiber while other zip codes are less than 20%. In our Milwaukee area of SouthEast Wisconsin with population total of 2 million the major cities of Milwaukee, Racine and Waukesha county will be best serviced but even then have holes.

While not up to date choose the interactive map, choose fiber then zoom in to particular areas of interest, my estimate is map is out of date by at least a year.

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