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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 4:24 AM

Address Validation

Fiber is available out of my terminal (with active customers) however database still shows only adsl for my address. Need assistance getting this corrected.

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1 year ago

Not an FCC issue, routine requests for new service aren't an emergency in anyone's book. 2 - 4 weeks was common for this type of request even when I worked in the field six years ago, long before COVID scrambled things. You can reach out to the OOP yourself.

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1 year ago

1) Yes, Address Validation cases are spec'ed at 2-3 weeks resolution.

2) While the plans may say one thing, the plans don't know whether the splitter is actually installed, or whether the splitter that was installed was the kind that was supposed to be installed, whether someone broke off two or three fibers from the splitter and has borrowed others and assigned them to someone else without updating "the plans."  The plans don't know if the taps ever got placed, etc.  Shall I go on?

If the plans were perfect, then the database would likely be perfect, too.  And we all know how accurate the database is.


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